• Our Crane Rental Service –

    Flexible and Versatile.

Easy Access to Mobile Cranes for a Variety of Applications

Mobile cranes are practically indispensable in the metal industry, e.g. for loading heavy components onto HGVs or for assembling machines on-site when no stationary crane is available. Cranes are also often needed for private uses, e.g. erecting roof trusses.

Mudersbach GmbH & Co. KG has been in the crane rental business for many years. Our well-coordinated and experienced team guarantees precise, safe and reliable services with state-of-the-art truck-mounted cranes. Our crane operators regularly receive advanced, up-to-date training. Machine lifting devices and heavy-duty rollers are available for internal transports, e.g. for the assembly of plants and other large facilities.

Safety first!

All crane operations are performed in observance of all applicable safety standards. Our services include lift studies, project planning and on-site visitations. If required, we can arrange for additional safety personnel.

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Private and industrial customers rent truck-mounted cranes from Mudersbach to:

  • Assemble prefabricated houses
  • Set up building sites
  • Transport machinery
  • Erect halls
  • Build above ground level
  • Load heavy, bulky parts
  • Recover vehicles
  • Set up process plants etc.