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    More than 50 Years of Steel Experience.

Steel is What We Do

What started out as a one-man workshop in Germany’s Westerwald region in 1965 is now an international, high-performing business with 60 employees. Over the years, many things have changed at Mudersbach. But the enthusiasm for steel, the innovative spirit and the independent nature of a dedicated family business – now run by Bernd Mudersbach – remain to this day. We value fair and upright leadership skills as well as mutual respect and support among employees. Mudersbach has a strong connection to its native Westerwald heritage. We are aware of our social responsibility and donate and contribute to charitable projects, e.g. Christian organisations, sports clubs or the preservation of Westerwald coal mining traditions.

A company’s success is rooted in its ability to offer the capabilities that are presently in demand. We are conscious of the importance of our employees and continuously invest in a sustainable staffing policy. As an apprenticeship employer recognised by the local Chamber of Commerce, we are happy to share our knowledge with the younger generations in our company. Every year, we offer 1–2 training positions for metal workers. The general management is also in the process of preparing a new generation for its future responsibilities. Michel Mudersbach, a qualified industrial engineer, joined the company in 2014 and supports all business units, learning from his father who acquired his knowledge from his own father. Throughout its history, the company has maintained its traditions and passion for steel.

Fast Facts

Established: 1965

Employees: 60 (incl. 4 apprentices)

Management: Brigitte and Bernd Mudersbach

Core Business: Metalworking, steel manufacture and metal forming

Customers: B2B, sometimes private customers

The Mudersbach GmbH & Co. KG team

The Mudersbach GmbH & Co. KG team

Our ideas and actions are always focussed on the customer and the project – a quality that our regular customers greatly appreciate!

We know our customers’ markets and needs. As a contract manufacturer, we adhere to strict quality criteria that meet our customers’ specific requirements and our own internal standards. In our core business, metal processing and forming, we work exclusively for B2B customers. On occasion, we rent out our truck-mounted cranes to private customers, e.g. own-home builders.

Several certificates attest to our high metalworking standards, consistent quality management and continuous employee development. Mudersbach is a proven full-service steel expert with business units which complement each other to enable us to provide a wide spectrum of competencies from one source.

Your idea. Your project. Our knowledge. Our steelworking tools.

Loading a heavy equipment part

Loading a heavy equipment part

What makes us different from the rest? We fabricate everything!

There are not many companies that can compete with our variety of services. In our line of business, there may well be a large number of competitors with larger or better machinery at their disposal. But these companies could never come close to being able to offer our entire service portfolio. Nor do they have our many years of experience and the profound and diversified knowledge of steel and other metals.

All members of our staff are highly qualified. Our experienced design engineers develop comprehensive, made-to-order, cost-efficient steel, machine, appliance and plant construction solutions. We invest all of our knowledge and skills in the manufacturing of cones and transitions as well as in folding, shearing and rolling sheet metal. We may not have invented steel ourselves, but we are delighted to demonstrate its versatility and can devise the perfect solution for any project.

With a 6,600 square-metre production hall, crane capacities of up to 100 tonnes and a vast range of machines including both conventional facilities and modern CNC cutting and folding systems, we can easily handle any project. Continued investments in our machinery ensure our ability to meet future challenges.

Beyeler press brake

Our Beyeler press brake with a net weight of 450 t, a working length of 15.4 m and a press capacity of 2.600 t

Company Milestones

From the 1960s to date



Locksmith Günter Mudersbach and his partner Dieter Bieler founded the company in a converted barn in the town centre of Friedewald.


Mudersbach and Bieler invest in various machines and slowly expand their service offerings.


Bieler leaves the company and is replaced by Rudolf Gerhard.


The company acquires its first truck-mounted crane and launches its crane rental service.


Mudersbach purchases its first three-roller bending machine.


Bernd Mudersbach joins the family business.

The company acquires its new premises and pulls down the remains of a loading plant that was previously part of a stone quarry.


The first production hall is built, which is still the core of the manufacturing facility today.


Mudersbach purchases its first press brake.


Günter Mudersbach retires. 27-year-old Bernd Mudersbach inherits his father’s shares and assumes sole responsibility for the business.


The production hall is extended by 225 sqm.

The company receives its first international assignments.


The production hall is extended by another 750 sqm.


The company hires its first metalworker apprentice.


Mudersbach purchases additional truck-mounted cranes.


The production hall is extended by another 1,600 sqm.


Mudersbach acquires the large Beyeler press break for “bending of thick metal sheets”.


The production hall is extended by 1,450 sqm, and staff numbers increase significantly.


Mudersbach acquires the large Gräbener bending machine for “fabrication of large pipes, thick-walled components and cones”.


The manager’s son Michel Mudersbach, a qualified industrial engineer, joins the company.

A new production hall is planned – the ground-breaking ceremony takes place later that year.


The construction of the new hall is completed. The new building includes 2 indoor cranes with a capacity of 50+5 tonnes. The entire production space at Mudersbach is extended by 1,600 sqm and now spans a total of 6,600 sqm.

The company purchases a new suction unit to streamline the extraction of gases emitted while manufacturing austenitic materials.


The premises are to be extended by approx. 3,000 sqm of useful area.