Commitment to Quality

We work according to the current standards of the metal industry, which is documented by certificates. In addition, we have a very high quality standard, which runs like a red thread through the entire company and all production processes.

We guarantee the consistently high quality of our products first and foremost through quality-conscious employees and their self-monitoring. Further meticulous quality checks are carried out by master craftsmen, technicians and engineers. Standardised dimensional protocols are available for standard products such as cones, tubes, etc. Quality of the highest precision combined with low administrative costs is also reflected in the price. To your advantage.

Welding work on a cylinder

Certified quality: Manufacturing in accordance with highest industry standards

Mudersbach GmbH & Co. KG meets the standards of manufacturer qualification according to EN 1090 – EXC 4 (Execution class 4) and is a certified company for welding and manufacturing of load-bearing components as well as kits for steel supporting structures.

A certification for the transfer of marking (restamping) of materials and products for plants requiring inspection according to §1 GSG is also available. We also manufacture according to AD data sheet HP 0 and DIN EN ISO 3834-2.

Certificates for welding processes

Manual and gas-shielded welding is carried out exclusively by certified welders in accordance with DIN EN 287-1 and DIN EN ISO 9606. For submerged arc welding (SAW), we have operator tests according to DIN EN 1418. In addition, we have certificates for non-destructive testing (MT – magnetic particle testing and PT – dye penetrant testing) according to DIN EN ISO 9712. Ultrasonic and radiographic testing is carried out in cooperation with external service providers.

For a wide variety of welding processes and material combinations, we have more than 50 procedure qualification tests according to DIN EN ISO 15614 or the AD Merkblätter, ranging from structural steel to super duplex materials.

Certificates of Mudersbach GmbH & Co. KG

In order to be able to guarantee compliance with industry standards, all our designs and components are subjected to constant quality control at every stage of production. Each process is also carefully logged.

Only in this way can we vouch for the quality, durability and safety of our products throughout their entire life cycle.

Welding certificate DIN EN 1090-2 EXC 4

Welding certificate
DIN EN 1090-2 EXC 4

General certification as per EN 1090-1 EXC 4

General certificate EN 1090-1 EXC 4 – factory production control

Welding specialist certification as per AD2000 HP0 and DIN EN ISO 3834-2

Certificate as welding specialist according to AD2000 HP0 and DIN EN ISO 3834-2

Certification for transferring the marking of materials

Certification for the transfer of marking (restamping certificate)


Certificate for PED PT-4403/00

Certificate for MT according to DIN EN ISO 9712:2012

An exemplary welder test according to DIN EN ISO 9606

An exemplary operator test according to DIN EN ISO 14732

Exemplarische Schweißverfahrensprüfung -Zertifikat DIN EN ISO 15614 -1 mit WPS (Welding Procedure Specification)